‘Modern Family’ 3x03

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3.04 - Door to Door

*i was kinda of busy in the past few days. i miss reviewing. i have to comment 5 shows today. so here i am. i’m back. :)

~ Phil-Luke scenes! they’re now my favorite father-son team. Phil getting hit the ball on his face many times is so funny and priceless. plus the video! what can i say? that video rocks! STOP THE MADNESS!!

~ Cam-Gloria.. who can ever forget that scene? the ‘Stella’ screams are gold. Eric Stonestreet is a great actor. STELLLAAAAA!!

~ definitely one of my favorite episodes ever. Modern Family never fails me.

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Why Ty Burrell is my hero now.

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3.03 - Phil on Wire


~ Mitch stole this episode. this could be his submission for the Emmy’s. his breakdown is hilarious. love the stages of ‘Juice Fasting’.

~ Gloria eating the shoe! nyom nyom nyom. The nyom 3x stuck in my head right now. LOL.

~ Phil-Luke scenes! my favorite father-son duo.

~ i love it when Phil managed to cross the tightrope. even though it is 7ft high. i love it when Claire and the kids cheer for him. The SUPER DUNPHYS.

Jay: “What? She tries to drink the water. It’s funny!”

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All week long I’ve been telling my girls how to act instead of showing them. But not Phil. Phil could have said, ‘Alex, relax, don’t take everything seriously’ or ‘Hayley, challenge yourself, don’t give up so easily.’ But instead of talking the talk, Phil walked the walk. And isn’t that what we’re supposed to do for the people we love? It’s definitely a challenge. But Phil made it look easy, seven feet off the ground. Turns out I’ve had my Super Dunphy all along.