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“Why would you hand a villain your heart? JT gave Russell his heart today. And Russell is just going to stab it a million times, and hand it to me, and I’m going to eat it”

- Parvati Shallow, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

So I only just remembered that Survivor kicked off it’s new season this week. I’m gonna go watch and hope it’s not a dud like the Redemption Island earlier this year and leave you with this flawless HBIC. 

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23.1 - I Need Redemption

~ the premiere looks promising. i like some of the contestants. Russell’s nephew, Miss America, Harvard Student (NERD), an open gay man called ‘Papa Bear’. then Ozzy and Coach are back.

~ i think my favorite so far is Cochran. that nerd guy is hilarious. love his explanation though because he wanted his surname to be one of the greatest survivors ever. like Mariano (Rob) and Donaldson (Colby) LOLS.

~ i liked the opening. Brandon’s face in the opening is hilarious. SPECIAL.

~ i smell that Dawn might quit the game. her explanation in Tribal Council seems like she’s gonna quit. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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INTERVIEWER: What are you watching on TV these days?
ADAM SCOTT: I thought Survivor this past season was incredible. Did you watch that?
INTERVIEWER: I think you’re the only person still watching Survivor.
ADAM SCOTT: I know. I started because when my son was born he was colicky. He’d be up all night screaming, and so I would have to hold him for like six hours at a time or he wouldn’t sleep. I would download entire seasons of it onto my iPod and watch like six episodes in a row, and I got really into Survivor. And for some reason emotionally bonded to it as well, because it was this intense situation. So now I can’t miss a nanosecond of it. It’s really weird.
INTERVIEWER: I really burned out after three or four seasons.
ADAM SCOTT: That’s what everyone says, and I don’t get it. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are really into it, so those are the two people I talk to about Survivor. I met Jeff Probst at a party and I was super starstruck.

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A HEAVY BASSLINE IS MY KIND OF SILENCE: David's greatest Tribal Council speech ever.


and now for something completely different. i’m not going to talk to you guys, i’m gonna talk to them. there’s really only one logical decision here. one person doesn’t deserve it, so cut him off. the other thanked someone for doing it all. who’d she thank? the guy sitting in the middle. he did…


is it weird i find this beautiful..

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22.15 - The Reunion + New Season: South Pacific

~ i shouldn’t watch this and i forced myself to watch this. LOLS.

~ ROB, YOU ARE SO EFFING RICH. $1,100,000.

~ Matt, won 10 out of 11 duels in RI. FYI, Mike got beat you 3 times.

~ loving Grant’s hair. SQUUEEEEEEEE..


in the preview of S23: South Pacific..

~ first of all, i really thought that in the next 2 seasons will be in CamSur. aww that sucks.

~ i’m not really excited of South Pacific at all. really? RI and 2 returning players? from i what i saw the preview.. it seems that one of the returning players is Matt from RI.

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22.14 - Seems Like A No Brainer


~ the RI challenge is simple, you have to balance one foot on a board holding a base.

~ the 1st IC is so lame and boring. really 1-100? it’s a child’s game.

~ the 2nd IC is very epic. the maze, complicated. the style of the puzzle piece looks new. EVERYTHING. but i feel bad for Natalie because she’s lost all the time.

~ CONGRATS BOSTON ROB. YOU’VE FINALLY MADE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. wow. 117 days? played at the 4th time.

~ this is probably the least/worst season of Survivor ever. all i heard is ROB ROB ROB.


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22.13 - Too Close For Comfort

~ please stop the rice talk. seems that Philip is lecturing the girls about the rice. the calories talk. ohmygas Philip stop it.

~ Rob voted out his buddy Grant. i feel bad for Grant. just like Rob said, he came here to win the game not to make friends.

~ happy that Ralph is gone in RI. he got first in the maze challenge but the puzzle.. MEH.

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22.12 - You Mangled My Nets

~ the immunity challenge is kinda hard. They will assemble 18 puzzle steps in a stair case. They will only use 1 piece at a time. that’s very exhausting. the temperature is 110F. :O

~ i love how Rob put the picture of Amber and his son at the back of his shirt for support. Jeff shows his comfort side to Rob. :O 

~ why Andrea? why? she’s blindsided. just like she said, "Tricky, tricky"

Some Season Finale Highlights..

Survivor: for the 1st TIME, there will be 8 REMAINING CASTAWAYS in the two-hour finale vying for the title of “Sole Survivor” then followed by a live-reunion show on May 15.

The Amazing Race:  for the 1st time (?), 4 REMAINING TEAMS race to Rio De Janerio in Brazil and then Miami in the 2-hour finale  episode of TAR. finale will air on May 8

The Big Bang Theory: When Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) receives her PhD, the guys take joy in reminding an emasculated Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) that he is the only one in their group who isn’t a doctor; Raj (Kunal Nayyar) becomes Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) new roommate after hearing Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Priya (Aarti Mann) engaging in a “Star Trek” fantasy in his bedroom. finale will air on May 19.

How I Met Your Mother: Ted (Josh Radnor) is best man at the wedding where he meets his future wife. finale will air on May 16

~ all those 4 shows from CBS. it’s very interesting in Survivor and TAR. 

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i accidentally paused this. my brother calls me for something. and then when i got back, i find andrea’s face funny.

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22.11 - A Mystery Package

~ Philip found his shorts! i thought we will suffer wearing his pink underwear only. he’s annoying from the start in the end, he’s not annoying in this episode.

~ the real game starts next week. no more Zapatera. unless if the Zap men could beat Matt in redemption island. but according to the spoilers/speculations….

~ immunity challenge in the tribal council! it’s very interesting and quite rare though. it’s some sort of a mental challenge.

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22.10 - Rice Wars

~ this season is pretty getting boring now. Philip’s so annoying all over again.

~ smart move that Julie took Philip’s shorts. but we will suffer on Philip’s pink underwear. OH CRUD.

~ OH CRUD, the rice issues. Philip complaining that Julie took 7.5 scoop shell of rice while the Ometepe tribe took 2 scoop shell of rice. Philip stole a large amount of rice from the Zapatera tribe.

~ it’s pretty obvious that Rob won the immunity challenge. Of course, the puzzle-maker master!

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i wish all television measured time in terms of burgers.

elapsed burgers ftw!

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22.9 - The Buddy System

~ this is getting boring because Boston Rob controls the game.

~ Philip’s Stealth R Us. Rob, the Mentalist. Grant, The Assassin and Andrea, Natalie and Ashley, The Three Degrees. i’m loving Philip now.

~ David, the self-proclaimed puzzle-maker. Really? Grant and Mike beat you.

~ this season is very predictable. this season is getting boring now.