“All I’m saying is that we live in a world where closure isn’t always an op—”


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5.04 - The Wiggly Finger Catalyst

~ Raj has a girlfriend! errrr.. sort of. she’s deaf. Howard as a translator/communicator to Emily. when Howard learn sign language?

~ Sheldon’s dice thing. it adds funny on the show. the dice decides that Sheldon will do something. Sheldon’s new look on the mustache is funny too.

~ overall, it’s just high average. there are few moments but not kind of memorable episode.

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5.03 - The Pulled Groin Extrapolation


~ Amy shined this episode. i totally LOVED her. she’s great and she’s DA BOMB.

~ i think it is awkward to see Leonard-Amy scenes. the most memorable thing for them is the Chicken Dance. yes, it is awkward but funny. i ship Leonard-Amy

~ do i hear right? Amy called Sheldon her "kind of sorta boyfriend"

~ is it just me or Raj has no speaking lines at all. poor Raj.

~ Sheldon.. FOREVER alone. why are you playing with trains?

~ Sheldon’s doing the so-called karate chop to Leonard. i love it when Sheldon say, “she is (Amy) not for you”. i think Sheldon is jealous.

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5.02 - The Infestation Hypothesis


~ Sheldon-Penny ftw! starting from the ‘old married couple’, the ‘dirty’ chair moments. i still like Penny-Amy. according to Amy, Penny is her BFF, besties, peas in a pod, sisters of the travelling pants. LOLS.

~ LOL at the kissing machine. i feel like the scene is disturbing.

~ kinda annoyed the Leonard-Priya cybersex thing. LOL at when Leonard is excited to see Priya is taking off her clothes, the screen froze. LOLS.

~ i wonder of the chair is coming back. that chair is hilarious. Howard, please use it.

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5.01 - The Skank Reflex Analysis

* I miss The Big Bang Theory so much! excited on Season 5


~ LOLS. Sheldon stuck when Penny said (in the season finale) “It’s not what it looks like”. then Sheldon uses his thinking cap. 

~ Leonard knew that Raj has a crush on Bernadette. BOO. Bernadette is correct. any girl would like Raj. i think the alcohol thing to talk to women has to stop now. 

~ quite happy that Raj has more screen time. Bernadette and Amy stole this episode.

~ Koothrapenny ftw! thinking that Raj has feelings for Penny.

~ LOL at Sheldon’s ‘sacrifice’.

~ more Christine Baranski please! i miss her as Leonard’s mom but her screen time isn’t enough though.


~ Raj: You can’t ruin a friendship with sex, that’s like trying to ruin ice cream with chocolate sprinkles

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The Big Bang Theory 5x02 - The Infestation Hypothesis