2 years ago on 25 February 2012 @ 10:18am + 1 note
# mtc

Mr and Ms. MTC + Alden Richards

yesterday, everyone in our school is excited for the search of Mr and Ms. MTC. i’m here to support our classmate, Jessie Concepcion (who is the only one from the Psy class run for this pageant) and yeah, that he reached the top5 and he won a special award. too bad he didn’t won because the question from Mr Reynoso (?) is very difficult.

the question is: "if you are an administrator of MTC in one day, what will you do and why?"

moving on to the judges, there are 2-3 Kapuso artists including Chynna Ortaleza and Alden Richards. i watch his show Alakdana back then. so yeah, he’s so handsome. 

the show is over, me and Jed congratulate Jessie for making it to the top5. after that, i’m waiting my brother to fetch me home. so, i wait for almost 45 mins. then Alden Richards will leave the school, there are some photo ops but he is in a hurry. it’s okay for me that i didn’t get a chance to have a picture of him. when he is about to leave, the window is still open. i tried to say good bye to him and he hold my hand. *BEST FEELING*

i arrived home at 11.30. reading the Time Magazine of LINSANITY. LOLS. and hearing some popular songs turned to rock. Punk Goes Rock album rocks! <3