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19.3 - Don’t Lay Down On Me Now!

~ one of the favorite episodes except the fact that the showgirls are eliminated. BOO.

~ the road block is one of my favorite. they think that they will count the statues. BUT, it adds the 4 kinds of statues with different hand positions so they will demonstrate it. LOL at the remaining teams will sit (like Buddha did) and do the statues.

~ it’s very interesting. in the 1st episode, it’s about Conficious then this one is about Buddha. what’s next?

~ sometimes….. bad taxi drivers can save your life. LOLS.

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19.2 - The Sprint of Our Life

~ dang it. Team RFF are right. Team Survivor and Team Domestic were Philiminated. WHY?! one down many to go.. i wish there are redemption island in TAR. LOLS

~ 3 out of 11 teams read the clue at the orphanage. especially that Snowboarders and Sailors read it. i’m so happy. so yeah, READING THE INSTRUCTIONS is important in the race.

~ fail that Jenna accidentally dropped the clue. FAIL. GAH, i wish that they stayed longer in the race.

~ a great recovery for Ma and Pa (grandparents team). i hope that they wouldn’t be eliminated next.

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19.1 - Kindness of Strangers

TAR, i mish you! excited to see Team Survivor.


~ why Jenna (Team Survivor) want to hide their identity that they were from Survivor? TOO LATE. because the other teams knew.

~ Bill and Cathy.. i feel like they were on a vacation or something. what i like about them is that they are supportive to each other and they never give up.

~ the twins are hilarious. 

~ first episode, someone already lost her passport. BOOO. lucky for them that the gas boy (knew that she was on the race) found her passport to bring it the LAX. Twitter saved your day.

~ i think the Hazard is interesting. it’s very different from Speed Bump. is the Hazard included every leg of the race.

~ i’m rooting for Team Survivor, Twins, Sailor, and Snowboard.

~ next up: for the first time in TAR history, there will be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION and they will be going to Indonesia! 

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18.11 - This Is Where It Ends


~ i wish the episode quote is “You look like a million dollars” from Justin to Zev while he is doing the road-block.

~ the body wax thing is really painful especially if you have hairy chest, legs etc..

~ another random ‘Kelly Clarkson’ thing. i think Justin said it. then last season Brooke shouted ‘Kelly Clarkson’. what’s the relation of Kelly Clarkson and the race?!

~ the bikini selling thing is really an impossible task. too bad that Zev-Justin pick this one and switch to the cocktail thing.

~ how could the guys know that the teams made a good cocktail?

~ i felt really bad for Zev-Justin. :(

~ is this the 1st time that Phil shouted the teams to go to the pit stop?


~ random: why is it the shows that i watch are related to Rio De Janeiro? Rio, Fast Five and now this? what a coincidence.. LOLS


~ interesting. two road blocks and no detour and no fast forward. the 1st road block is kinda hard and the 2nd one is meh.

~ this is the second season that there is no a fast forward. the 1st one i think is in season 14..

~ i hate you Sterling! you made Gary-Mallory into last place! curse you!

~ i think Jen-Kisha deserved it from winning the $1 million. they didn’t finish a leg in any legs. Gallory should’ve win the race.

~ building a trailer thing is meh. really? copying from the brochure?

~ i wish the Brazil is in the final leg. it deserves it more than Miami.



~ Zev: I’m not a good dancer at all, I’ve got the white boy rhythm

~ Big Easy: Aw, man, excuse me ma’am, I’m with the idiots that are running

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18.10 - Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

~ after the bitterness of Jet-Cord being Philiminated in the last leg, i’m happy that the Goths pack up their knives and go in this race (Top Chef Mode. LOLS). thank you Goths for not reading the clue correctly. they traveled by a cab but the clue says ON FOOT. they have a 30-minute penalty and then they were Philminated.

~ i’m relieved that Zev-Justin survive. i smell that they could win the race.

~ can i just love the greeter? i mean the dog especially when Gallory arrive at the pit stop. it’s just plain cute.

~ in the Goths commentary thing, i’m kinda shocked of Vyxsin’s hair it’s just creeping me out.


~ oh my gosh, 2hr finale next week and the teams will go to Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. oh my gosh, i watched Rio last time. i just miss Rio De Janeiro. LOLS.

Some Season Finale Highlights..

Survivor: for the 1st TIME, there will be 8 REMAINING CASTAWAYS in the two-hour finale vying for the title of “Sole Survivor” then followed by a live-reunion show on May 15.

The Amazing Race:  for the 1st time (?), 4 REMAINING TEAMS race to Rio De Janerio in Brazil and then Miami in the 2-hour finale  episode of TAR. finale will air on May 8

The Big Bang Theory: When Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) receives her PhD, the guys take joy in reminding an emasculated Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) that he is the only one in their group who isn’t a doctor; Raj (Kunal Nayyar) becomes Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) new roommate after hearing Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Priya (Aarti Mann) engaging in a “Star Trek” fantasy in his bedroom. finale will air on May 19.

How I Met Your Mother: Ted (Josh Radnor) is best man at the wedding where he meets his future wife. finale will air on May 16

~ all those 4 shows from CBS. it’s very interesting in Survivor and TAR. 

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Is there a pattern on The Amazing Race 18?

i noticed..

~ the 1st four were Philiminated (Amanda-Kris, Mel-Mike, Jaime-Cara and Margie-Luke) from Season 14. Jen-Kisha were the only team from Season 14 left.

~ the teams that have been from the top 3 before (Jaime-Cara, Margie-Luke, Ronald-Christina and Jet-Cord) were Philiminated. GAH. so there will be a new top 3. 

~ if Flight Time and Big Easy were Philiminated, there will be 1 team/season. too bad it didn’t happen. :(

~ what comes next? family-related? and then that leaves…. oh no.


~ the cowboy rage still continues. 

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even Grandmaster Phil Keoghan tweets about the cowboys. that’s why when the cowboys arrive at the pit stop. Phil looked sad and took a big breath. :(


I fucking love these guys

i’ll surely miss JeCo. i miss their ‘Oh my gravy!’, their accents. EVERYTHING. 

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Zev’s face is so much perfection. Zev is so adorable.

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18.9 - We’re Good American People

~ i am crying in this episode. sad to see JeCo go. :( they are lack of social alliances. they decided to do it in their own way. of course, they’re threats! what could possibly go wrong? Gallory is my only bet left. for Mallory, it’s sad that either Globetrotters or JeCo go. I’M STILL CRYING.

~ this episode is full of cheaters. Justin told the answer to Jen. Justin and Jen told the answer to Flight Time and Flight Time told the answer to Gary. Gah, it’s like road block-intersection to me. The road-block is one of my favorite road-blocks ever.

~ i seriously hate Kent! too many complaints. he’s so lazy. he sit in the cart and let his girlfriend pulling the cart. GAH. He’s childish. "You hit my ankle in the cart!". so annoying. his voice irritates me.

~ it’s very interesting that the 5 remaining teams left have never reach in the top3. (Jen-Kisha, Globetrotters - 4th place) (Kent-Vyxsin - 5th place), (Gallory - 6th place), (Zev-Justin - 9th place). so we have the new top 3 teams that never been in the top 3 before! LOLS.


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I can’t believe that I’m watching the 1st Season of the Amazing Race

~ i’ve reached the latest episode of Chuck! YAY. (hoping for a 5th season)

~ i don’t know what i decided to watch the 1st Season of TAR. i’ve been fan of a show since Season 3 since Studio 23 aired this last 2002 and then the later seasons/episodes, i seldomly watch it 1-3 episode in 1 season. i still know some of the epic events in TAR 3,5,7 and 9. i’m not gonna watch from 1st season up to the latest season. Season 1-11 only. Then S12-S??, i watch every single episode of each season. thanks to AXN. LOLS.

~ fact: TAR is the 1st US show that i’ve ever watched and TAR gave me the way to watch more US Shows. LOLS